Our church is a vibrant and exciting place, filled with hopes and plans for the future.

Some of these include:

  • Building on the strength and success of what we currently do well, especially our youth Religious Education program and our Social Justice efforts.
  • Strengthening our existing feelings of community and trust.
  • Cultivating diversity in all its forms: racial, cultural, spiritual, socioeconomic, sexual, and others.
  • Developing a stronger, more organized structure, with improved communication, better support for and use of volunteers, and improving the process for addressing difficulties and concerns.
  • Focusing on developing a shared ministry model, rather than relying so heavily on the minister.
  • Broadening involvement in the larger community.
  • Increasing our adult Religious Education offerings.
  • Reinvigorating our partner church affiliations.
  • Developing a new long-range plan and retiring our current debt.